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August Hedgerows

There is a closing of the summer gates in the hedgerow, the wild flowers are dying down and the blackberries are appearing. The tall skeletal cow parsley harbours homes for tiny spiders, their webs glistening in the sunshine. The Rosehips pop into bright shades of orange and resemble jewels peppered in amongst the hawthorn, now showing glamorous red pearls of it's own. Blackberries ripe for picking in abundance this year are hanging patiently waiting for fingers to forage them.  I have been out picking out the luscious juicy berries and made a lot of Jam, the winter stores are starting. 

I adore this time of year, the changing of seasons trickle over into one another making it a gentle process for us to accept Autumn is on it's way.

  • Skeletals
  • jewels
  • elements of sky
    elements of sky
  • whisper of a spider
    whisper of a spider
  • Bright berries on Vine
    Bright berries on Vine
  • Colour changes
    Colour changes
  • See Me
    See Me
  • Sun Bright
    Sun Bright
  • Stuck
  • Colourful
  • Noticed
  • Hawthorn bejewelled
    Hawthorn bejewelled
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  • Sweet hips
    Sweet hips
  • Humble Blackberry
    Humble Blackberry