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The start of something new and close of something tiresome and old. This is my new and inspired website, inspired with creativity and depths of soberness. I am a creative person who needs to feel my inspirations and turn my photographs into a piece of my Art. This is where I use post processing, it can be beautiful and descriptive. A piece of Art, giving a photo more clarity with a difference. 

My expectation of what I need to see from my camera is relatively high but I produced one or two perfect shots I expected more of myself and felt the anxiety heavily. I craved perfection, that I knew I could not deliver and was not really in my heart.  But when I studied the faults I made the reverse happen, the anxiety had won and each set of photographs I looked at had begun to have major faults and my aspirations were dying. Something had to give, the happiness of photography was fading ... or changing?

My story may replicate many other people's who have tried to hard to achieve perfection and lost it. I can photograph well providing I am at peace with myself and not craving too much a perfect shot every time. There is I believe, a lesson to be learned for me  'To find your settling place, achieve but be mindful of what you want from it'  I have a great love in photography too and if the love is strangled by anxiety and hopelessness then it will die.

I saved mine and exchanged it for a different kind, a passion in which uses both Photography and post editing together. To create and indulge myself in something that does not stop at the click of the shutter but carries the photo through something much more, a creative journey.