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Signed and sealed

The images below are my favourite time wasters, the ones I spend along time on making, putting together and creating. The thought behind what they stand for and what they mean to me is immense and if I am not sure I take out things and put in others to see what they look like. Usually the end result is I am back to where I started at the beginning with all the same pieces again. The symbolic meaning to some of the titles is a personal thing but some have been sold for the Title. A lady fell for one called 'BreakingFree' she felt it had recognition to her life. The titles come to life during the process of putting together the images, I see in my minds eye what I want on the screen and the title and feeling has to fit. A peculiarity some may say? Well, not to me.

  • The Conversation
    The Conversation
  • Wunderlust
  • Sorrow
  • Endless Hazy Days of...
    Endless Hazy Days of...
  • Whispering Fields
    Whispering Fields
  • The Fallen one
    The Fallen one
  • High Summer
    High Summer
  • Free
  • Don't look up
    Don't look up
  • Peace
  • Summer Daze
    Summer Daze
  • Three for Tea
    Three for Tea
  • The Summerdress
    The Summerdress
The Conversation
The Conversation