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Some of the loveliest things people have said along the way......

 Said of Decay series by Duncan a Flickr Friend .....


'This is the best mini series I've seen in ages. Really brilliant. It's a fab body of work (sorry, couldn't resist!). Words and images combine to walk me through the idea to perfection. My personal favourites are when a bit of "real" natural colours and detail peep through but they are all excellent. Bravo!'

Hi Linda

Have not seen you around for ages.  I took time to look through your writeup on your website,  I think whatever you do to your photographs are not far short of “genius” level they are really amazing and I thought I was a traditionalist!.  Why don’t you sell prints of your photographs? We get artists coming to our offices for prints, cards and canvases that are not a patch on the standard of creativity you manage to create.
Well done and so glad someone had the time to inspire you to give yourself confidence.
all good wishes “Carry on photographing”

Nancy xx

... very attentive, very thoughtful, ... and very well worked out !

Your series is full of creativity and impactful imagery!

great series - and this one is special - lovely art work, Linda

Your work is a Disney land of surprise and delight. It's always elegant and beautiful. Such wonderful creativity.

Two more delightful additions to your album. The details and the colours are so subtle in these marshland landscapes and further enhanced with your delicate textures.
Enjoy the remainder of the week Linda.
I'll be expecting more of these inspiring images ; )

A low and open landscape apart from the odd tree that points away from the direction of the prevailing winds.
Such stillness only broken by the chirping of the birds.
A beautiful story in pixels Linda

Hello from SA - I have just visited your photo-stream and it is clear you have a deep connection with nature and the environment. So many of your images are quite beautiful and wonderfully artistic and evocative.
I will be following your work with great pleasure and much anticipation.

"I checked out your web site. It is full of wonderful works. I never thought to do a web site, but yours is giving me the urge."

Breathtakingly exquisite work; this is superb!