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The Hypothetical Scrapbook ~ I have always loved the thought of having a scrapbook where I put in my ideas, loves and creations. I have purchased a couple of hardback blank books from a hobby shop but alas they remain empty. 

The idea of digitally creating pages for one seemed more enticing to me so I started to think how I would do this. The look I wanted was bright, colourful and Vintage. I gathered what I needed bit by bit and started the first page. The 'book' runs on Flickr and is to me is great fun, to other people who view it? Well....

  • Autumn's Spoils
    Autumn's Spoils
  • Night flight
    Night flight
  • The Hatchling
    The Hatchling
  • Night time Kisses
    Night time Kisses
  • Fairies in the garden
    Fairies in the garden
  • Lilly Love
    Lilly Love
  • Autumn's Hand
    Autumn's Hand
  • Time
  • Bee Friendly
    Bee Friendly
  • Arcadia
  • Flora & Fauna
    Flora & Fauna
  • Conversation
  • 'L'
  • The Hypothetical Scrapbook
    The Hypothetical Scrapbook
  • Lily Love
    Lily Love
  • I'm Late...
    I'm Late...
  • Beautifulness.
Autumn's Spoils
Autumn's Spoils